Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playing at the park

Today's adventure was playing at the park..the ground is lava and you can not touch it.  Each person has a special power that has to do with the elements: metal, water, fire, earth, air.  To be a kid again and to have their imagination.  To be honest, I play with them, so I can.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Playing in Puddles

Growing up in Florida, the rain is warm and so much fun to play in.  Out here, it can be another story, but for my kids, it is still fun.  What do you get when you have rain and a few children? Play time.  Here are a few of the kidlets playing in the puddles.  Oh, how I love their energy!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Backpacking Escalante

School is out and it is a 3 day weekend for my husband, not to mention his birthday weekend also.  We have been planning on taking our kidlets on a little backpacking trip.  It was the first for our 7 and our little 5 year old.  Not a big one, just a small 3 to 4 miles one way and then camp, have fun and then out we go again.  It was magestic in landscape, but some of the wildlife was not so nice.  Whoever said that man was on top of the food chain, forgot about mosquitos.  There must be something in my husbands blood that he passed down to my kidlets, they were eaten alive, while I came back without a mark on me.  My youngest has Skeeter Syndrome and half his face has puffed up. Even though it looks awful, he was all smiles and laughter the entire trip. 

On our way home, I had to make a few stops.  There is a police car off on the side of the road all year round with a dumby in it.  Literally a stuffed man with a hat on, I guess they think no one will notice, but I always get a kick out of it.  Then there is a cute little town that was a little petting zoo attached to the gas station.  It has a zebra, ostrich, emu, alpacas, goats, and more.  You got to love Utah, you never know what you may find. 

Here are a little more then I usually post of our adventures from this past weekend

As we begin our hiking


 My Amazon Boy

a little Native American alter hidden in the landscapes of Escalante...pottery shards on the bottom left

 before his face completely swelled up

My love...the birthday boy

We call this jump Blue Bodies, because the water is so cold you become disoriented when you jump in.

Cairns for those of us who hike...

I do not know why, but this just makes me smile...people drove by wondering why I was taking a picture of a cop in his car...

starting to put rides up at the little gas station petting zoo

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden shop

It is the time of year to get my garden in.  I love going to the garden shop and seeing all the plants.  I wish I had a green thumb and acres of land that I could landscape and keep things a live.  Even though I do not, I can enjoy and get things for my small little yard. 

I would say that the best part of my trip, was my little helper.

It looks so fun to just run around in..why not

helping my mom out

Finally, he got too tired and just needed to sit down

Monday, May 13, 2013

Business Lifestyles

I have had fun doing small mini shoots these past few days.  The focus has been on business lifestyles.  Some of us work at home, in the office, and even with kids in the room.  We even travel to work differently, some take buses, drive, ride bikes, or take trains.  What is working to you?  How do you get to work?  Where do you work, home or in an office?  I would love to hear about you and how you get to work and where you work?  No one is the same and we are all different.  Lets celebrate that we may all work, but that we do it all a little different too.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bee Love

My youngest was given a drone bee the other day.  These little male bees do not have stingers and only live for a few days.  He loves this little bee and does everything with it.  He even has it sleep next to him in his bed in a jar at night. It is the cutest thing.  As I have said before this little guy just cracks me up and brightens my life

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6th Monday Fun Day Photoshoot

When should you get your camera out?  When your little boy picks up books he can not read yet and acts like he is reading to his toys...


Friday, May 3, 2013

Sprinklers = Fun

We had a little cold front come in earlier this week, but today was beautiful.  Once the water was on, the swim trunks were also.  There is something about kids and water that go together so well.