Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Trip

Nature is my medicine. ~Sara Moss-Wolfe

We decided to take a road trip up to Astoria, Oregon to see some friends and then head down the coasts to the Redwood Forest in California.  We went through 5 different states in a car with 4 children and survived.  I have to say that it was a great bonding moment for all of us.  We enjoyed eachother and every miracle that surrounded us.  Nature cures so much, in a soul, life and family. I can never express the love that I have for it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Project shoot #1

My project has begun.

One in five females and one in seven males have engaged in some form of self-injury type behavior. The growing concern of “cutting” is now on the forefront for many people.

The “Cutting” Edge Facts

• 90% of self-injury individuals begin harming themselves during their teen years or younger.

• Cutting and other self-injury behavior crosses all cultures and socio-economic norms.

• Cutting and self-injury is a method used by individuals to take care of themselves, their feelings and actions.

• 40% of all individuals who commit self-injury type behaviors are males.

Almost 50% of cutters or self-injury individuals have reported being sexually abused.

• Some studies indicate that cutting and other self-injury behavior is learned from friends or peers.

Self-harm is among our children and many of us do not realize it. It has been said by some that it is easier to allow your own harm and not let the inner harm control you and destroy you. Reality is, is that it is destroying both the inner and the outer of these individuals who participate in this.

These 2 young girls have overcome many obstacles in their life already at such a young age. They have made it a year so far of no self-harm. They found hope and strength in each other. They want others to realize that it is possible to stop and it was better to never start. If you are someone suffering from this, do not let it control you, find someone to talk to you and help you overcome the destruction that it is causing.

(The photos in this series represent the loss and broken feeling that they felt during their time of hurt and pain, but in the end they left it behind and started a new life and beginning by finding the strength in each other to overcome their battle they thought that they were suffering alone.)